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Recruiting the right person for your business is one of the toughest challenges that business owners & managers face.

For many businesses, it is a big financial commitment to hire a permanent member of staff not to mention the added admin & HR responsibilities.

There are some huge benefits to hiring temporary staff to your business team:

1. Fill a skills gap

Temporary staff usually have a wealth of experience & can bring additional skills to your business.

Whether you are working on a project or want to improve skills, hiring temps is a great way to upskill.

2. Cover busy periods

Many businesses have busy periods, like Summer or Christmas, for others covering holiday or leave can strain operations.

Hiring temporary staff can bring your business through these busy periods without adding additional stress to your existing employees.

3. Time to decide

It is a commitment to employ a permanent member of staff & it is so important to know that when you do, you are hiring the right person for your business.

Employing a temp allows you the time to see if this person is the right fit for your company & your team.

4. Cost-effective

Temps are hired through an agency, who take on the responsibility of payroll & HR reducing your admin & cost of introducing a new employee.

5. Increase morale

Introducing a temp employee can bring new life & energy to your business.

Often bringing a new personality into your team can enthuse your employees & increase productivity

We all know the importance of high staff morale & interactive teamwork.

Your business may not need temps all the time but whether it is to cover busy periods or add skills you will find that the addition of temporary staff to your team will bring enormous benefits to your business.

At Nuvo we focus on finding the right person for your business, we work closely with you to ensure we find the right fit.